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There are many individual solutions if you want to add a Forum, Blog, Documentation or Issue tracking in your website. But they all require you to install and maintain software. E.g. To add a wordpress blog in your site, you need to install wordpress in your server machine yourself. You also need to maintain it with security updates and making sure its running always.
Dilif provides all these as a cloud service. You get your own links for each service which you can add as menu items or links in your website. You can customize the services so they look like coming from your own website giving a seamless experience to your customers.
Dilif is completely free for you. We cover our hosting and development costs with minimal ethical ads.

Increase your productivity

Track feature requests and bugs from customers in a productive way rather than sticky notes and emails.

Better customer experience

Enhance customer confidence in your product with documentation, blog posts and forum without spam.

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Add your project and start away.


Add your project and you are ready to accept bugs write blog posts and forum posts from your customers.

Integrate with your own website

Add links to bug, blog etc in your wesite. Add your own logo in the services which will link back to your website.

Forget about spammers

Dilif takes care of users and spam. Our spam detection algorithms continuously monitor and weed out spam and spammers from all services.

Excellent user experience

Customers can opt-in to watch any issue or forum post. We will emil them about any updates.

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